Sign Up Today to Be a Storm Drain Protector!

The Storm Drain Protector Program is an opportunity for you to help prevent water pollution right from your home. Even if you don’t live near a creek, river, or lake, your actions can have a direct impact on the health of our waterways.

Protect a storm drain today by preventing pollution (grass, leaves, fertilizer, and other chemicals) from your property from going down the storm drain and #protectwiwaterways!

What does it mean to be a Storm Drain Protector?

Registering as a Storm Drain Protector means you agree to help prevent pollution from reaching storm drains near your home or business by keeping the area around the storm drain closest to your property free of debris and common pollutants. You can follow these simple actions to prevent stormwater pollution from going down the storm drains.

Fill out this form each time you clean your storm drain so we can track how community members like you are making a difference!

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