Protect Wisconsin Waterways is pleased to announce its 2024 Water Quality Education and Involvement Mini-Grant Program. Funding will be awarded to non-profit organizations, community, civic, school groups, and others for projects or activities that educate the public about stormwater pollution prevention or contribute to efforts to reduce stormwater runoff pollution in one of the Rock River Stormwater Group municipalities. The Mini-Grant program in 2024 will award up to $5,000 to projects that:

  • Raise awareness of storm water pollution impacts on bodies of water in the Rock River watershed and encourage changes in behavior to reduce such impacts
  • Engage target audiences within municipalities of the Rock River watershed that may include the general public, public employees, residents, businesses, contractors, developers, industries, and/or others as appropriate
  • Incorporate active and/or passive mechanisms of delivery for educational content in related topic areas that may include hazardous waste disposal, pet waste management, vehicle washing, yard waste management, pesticide and fertilizer application, stream and shoreline management, residential infiltration, construction site management, pollution prevention, or green infrastructure.


The project must include an outline, description, and educate the public about ways they can protect waterways.


The project must be located within one of the municipalities and is only available for non-profit organizations.


Check out example projects to get ideas to implement in your community! Not sure if your project will qualify – get in touch!

***Submissions welcome year-round, with April 1st Priority***

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to educate your community and make a difference protecting local waterways!

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