City of Fort Atkinson

Did you know that Fort Atkinson includes over 34 stormwater outfalls?

Combined the storm sewer system and the 155 lane miles the city maintains connect the City of Fort Atkinson to the Rock River, Bark River, and other streams, ponds, wetlands, and stormwater outfalls. As one of the founding members of the Rock River Stormwater Group, the city continues to implement stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce the amount of sediment and other pollutants found on the streets, driveways, and sidewalks that are washed into the Rock and Bark Rivers during every rain event. For more information about Fort Atkinson’s stormwater management and local issues, visit the city’s webpage for the Stormwater Utility.

Have you ever wondered what Fort Atkinson Looks like from above?

Improving Stormwater Quality at Larson Lagoon – One example of a stormwater BMP in the City of Fort Atkinson was the 2018 project at Larson Lagoon to construct a sediment basin on the eastern side of the lagoon. The project received a grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and included a redirection of a 60-foot storm sewer, changes to the existing pond outlet, and construction of a new outlet to the north. Previously, stormwater drained toward the western lagoon through a spillway, but changing the flow pattern has helped the City of Fort Atkinson achieve water quality benefits before the stormwater enters the Rock River. Beyond the water treatment benefits, the project also helped promote better ecology and provide recreational opportunities.

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