City of Beloit

Did you know that there are over 4,300 storm drains in Beloit that drain to the Rock River or other stormwater outfalls?

Combined the storm sewer system connects the City of Beloit to the Rock River and other streams, ponds, wetlands, and stormwater outfalls. Visit the city’s website to learn more information about Beloit’s stormwater utility and local issues.

How Beloit Maintains Stormwater Detention Ponds:

Over the last few years, the City of Beloit has modified stormwater detention ponds around the city. Detention ponds (detention basins) are installed near bodies of water to prevent flooding and erosion. For example, the city re-graded a dry regional detention basin in the Gateway Industrial Park to allow for proper drainage so that the pond can be maintained better. In addition, two wet ponds at the city’s golf course had their clay liner replaced so that the basins will retain water better.

Have you ever wondered what areas around Beloit look like from above?

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