Cleaning Up After Your Pets

The Science Behind Pet Waste & Our Waterways

Pet waste can present significant health risks in waterways If not disposed of properly. When pet waste is washed into storm drains, it goes directly into our waterways without being treated, where it decays. The organic matter and nutrients found in pet waste degrade water quality. When pet waste ends up in the waterways, the organic matter breaks down and dissolves oxygen in the water, releasing ammonia. Low oxygen levels in the waterways along with increased ammonia and warm summer water temperatures can kill fish. Plus, excess phosphorous and other nutrients from pet waste can accelerate algae and weed growth, create cloudy green water, and kill fish and other vital organisms in our waterways.

Protect Wisconsin’s Waterways: Clean Up Pet Waste

Do your part and dispose of pet waste by flushing it down the toilet or burying it in the yard.
Don’t let pet waste accumulate on the snow in the winter.
Thank your dog-loving friends for picking up after their pets!

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