City of Watertown

Did you know that the City of Watertown includes 570 stormwater outfalls to the Rock River and other streams, ponds, wetlands, and other storm systems? The city has implemented over 80+ stormwater management practices to help reduce stormwater runoff and pollutants from entering area waterways.

Have you ever wondered what watertown Looks like from above?

Check out Watertown's street sweeper

The City of Watertown’s new street sweeper helps clean debris from roads before it can make it down storm drains. But our waterways also need your help! The street sweeper can’t clean each street in Watertown every week. That means trash, leaves, grass clippings, and other pollutants can make their way down the storm drains and into the Rock River or other area waterways whenever it rains in between the street sweeping.

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