Protect Wisconsin Waterways

  • Protect Wisconsin Waterways is a stormwater education outreach initiative supported by the Rock River Stormwater Group. The Rock River Stormwater Group is a coalition of communities from Waupun to Beloit committed to improving the health of the Rock River and other local waterways. We recognize that water quality from stormwater runoff is an interconnected issue. The great news is we can each make a difference by focusing on the impact we have on the local waterways right from our own backyard.
  • Our waterways are a distinctive part of our region – sustaining wildlife, recreation, business, and community development. Unfortunately, pollution collected from parking lots, driveways, and roads throughout the basin flows directly into our precious waterways. Untreated runoff water from rain and snow melt pollutes the Rock River, its tributaries, and other local waterways.

How to Help

  • The Protect Wisconsin Waterways website is a resource for everyone in the Rock River Basin and beyond as we do our part to help reduce pollution in our waterways. Together, we can renew the Rock River and its tributaries by keeping pollutants out of the path of stormwater runoff.
  • If you are from another part of the state, or just visiting Wisconsin, you can learn more about stormwater efforts around the state and find out what is going on in your basin on our site too. Be sure to follow us on social media and be on the look out for informational videos pertaining to stormwater!

Learn more about member communities that are part of the Rock River Stormwater Group

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