Construction and Stromwater

Healthy stream banks and shorelines are imperative to water quality in the Rock River Basin, but they are fragile systems. The Rock River Stormwater Group encourages riparian landowners to engage proper management of stream banks and shorelines to minimize erosion and maintain the ecological value of waterways in the basin.

Construction Site Erosion Control

Proper erosion and sediment control in construction sites is one of the most important keys to keeping local waters swimmable and fishable. Regulations constantly change, but the Rock River Stormwater Group has developed some materials to help construction companies stay in compliance and keep the Rock River Basin’s waters clean. Share them with your team, and get more information from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Erosion Control Page.

Click the links to learn more about current regulations and tips to maintain compliance regarding silt fencingstone tracking padsstorm drain inlets and runoff management.

Low Impact Development

The Rock River Stormwater Group promotes environmentally sensitive land development designs. The EPA classifies Low Impact Development, or LID, as “an approach to land development (or re-development) that works with nature to manage stormwater as close to its source as possible.” LID practices maintain, or improve, the hydrological function of a watershed. Developers and construction professionals can install a combination of different LID practices as cost effective stormwater management alternatives, including rain barrels, bioretention facilities, green roofs and permeable pavements.  For more information about implementing LID techniques, visit the EPA’s website, the Low Impact Development Center or contact your local municipality’s Planning Department.

Learn More! Another great resource we have to learn about stormwater and erosion control is the North American Stormwater and Erosion Control Association of Wisconsin. Click here to visit their website to learn even more about how to protect our waterways from construction site and erosion runoff.

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