City of Whitewater

Did you know that Whitewater is part of the Rock River basin? This fact may surprise some area residents since the City of Whitewater is not on the Rock River. However, Whitewater Creek and the city’s storm sewer system and its outfalls connect the City of Whitewater to the Rock River Basin and other streams, ponds, wetlands, and lakes in the area. Check out Whitewater’s Stormwater Utility website to learn more about the stormwater utility and local issues in Whitewater.


Why did Whitewater drain Tripp and Cravath Lakes? Starting in July 2019, the City of Whitewater undertook a multi-year process of draining and dredging Tripp and Cravath Lakes to reduce invasive species, restore navigation channels, and improve the overall health of both lakes. You can help prevent excess sediment and other pollutants from creating similar issues by reducing stormwater runoff with rain collection efforts around your property like rain gardens and rain barrels. Learn more about being #StormDrainWise.

Have you ever wondered what Whitewater Looks like from above?

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