City of Milton

Did you know that the City of Milton has 65 stormwater outfalls?


These outfalls connect the Milton storm sewer system and the City of Milton to waterways within the Rock River/Milton watershed that covers over 31,205 acres and includes 32 miles of streams and rivers, 124 acres of lakes, and 250 acres of wetlands. Visit Milton’s Stormwater Utility webpage to learn more about local stormwater issues in Milton and how they impact nearby waterways such as Storrs Lake and the Rock River.


Remember when stormwater runoff drains from grassy areas or hard surfaces it collects pollutants (soil particles, bacteria, pesticides, litter, fertilizer, pet waste, oil, and auto fluids) that flow with the stormwater runoff into the city’s storm sewer system. Milton’s storm sewer system primarily drains into holding basins and seeps into the groundwater system. However, these underground systems are interconnected with larger local bodies of water, such as Storrs Lake and the Rock River.

Have you ever wondered what Milton Looks like from above?

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