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Located in Jefferson County

Population: 14,889 (2020)

8.76 square miles of land

0.30 square miles of water

Theme: Yard and Pet Waste Management

Why is it important to clean up after your pet?

Pet waste is not beneficial to soil or gardens like other animals. Instead it adds harmful bacteria and nutrients to local waterways. Overtime, pet waste contributes to the pollution that can have harmful effects for water ways and human health.

How should homeowners dispose of pet waste?

A poop scoop is an efficeint way to clean up your pets waste. Simply scoop up the pile and dump the waste into a poop bag or into your designated waste bin. A poop scoop is just one of the many pet waste disposal tools. Other tools include: Poopail, Smartpoopy Walking Bags, or even an old grocery bag.

Flushing your pets waste is another waste management method. It would allow for less plastic use and could save money on tools. But if you prefer to not carry waste around your house other disposal methods can

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