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Community Events

Many communities host periodic collection events for hazardous household waste. Here is a helpful guide to the locations and dates of such events in the Rock River communities, as well as the materials collected at each.  Click Here to Learn More.

The Rock River Basin community has many opportunities to be friendly to stormwater. Activities include things you can do on your own or with a group of friends. Besides the activities listed below, check out your city’s website for volunteer days along the Rock River and its tributaries!

Recognize and Report Illegal Dumping

Substances that are not entirely composed of water which are put into a stormwater drainage system, lake, river or stream are called illicit discharges. This contaminated water travels directly to waterways without treatment, which threatens our region’s water quality.

Recognizing illegal connections to storm drains is an important tool to mitigate stormwater pollution. It is part of your role as a Rock River Basin community member to report illegal connections to the storm drain. Learn more about illicit discharges here.

If you spill hazardous materials or see warning signs of an illicit discharge, contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 24 Hour Spill Hotline at: 1-800-943-0003.

You can also use our water pollution reporting form. Do your part and help Protect Wisconsin Waterways!


Citizen Volunteer Monitoring

Join your neighbors as a volunteer stream monitor in your area. Volunteers monitor the health of streams by recording stream flow and clarity as well as cataloging all the creatures living in the water. You can volunteer with the Rock River Coalition’s Citizen Monitoring Program or the Statewide Water Action Volunteers program.

Organize a Stream Cleanup

Indulge in a trash-free River. You can join the annual Rock River Sweep by teaming up with other members of your community to help clean up your community’s streams. Visit to find details on locations and contact information for your community.

If your local waterway still needs a champion, you can organize a local river cleanup with the help of American Rivers.

UW-Whitewater 2018 Earth Week

The University of Wisconsin Whitewater is hosting their 2018 Earth Week from Monday, April 9th to Friday, April 13th. There are many activities in store for those who visit campus during Earth Week. Here are some of the events that will be featured:

  • Monday, April 9th: Stream Monitoring at Whitewater Creek
  • Tuesday, April 10th: Back 40 Mine Panel Discussion that features discussions about protecting the Menominee River
  • Wednesday, April 11th: Green Tank Pitch Competition presented by UW-Whitewater AMA
  • Thursday, April 12th: Film Showing and Panel Discussion: Return of the River

For a full schedule of events, click here.

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