Best Management Practice

Proprietory Hydrodynamic Device

What is a proprietary hydrodynamic device?

Hydrodynamic apparatus are structures facilitating the settling of sediment from water columns. These apparatuses typically expedite sediment settling by inducing circular motion within stormwater chambers. Additionally, they trap oil, grease, and other buoyant materials, primarily utilizing baffles. Their design aims to maximize efficiency in removing pollutants during smaller, more frequent storms, with less emphasis on larger, infrequent storms. Regular maintenance, including the removal of accumulated sediment and buoyant materials, is crucial to sustaining their efficiency.

Why use a proprietary hydrodynamic device?

Hydrodynamic devices are engineered to eliminate solids, oil, grease, floatables, and debris from stormwater runoff by employing gravitational means to trap pollutants. They are commonly integrated with other structural Best Management Practices (BMPs), including pre-treatment devices.


Cheaper than traditional stormwater management practices

Less land required 

Can target specific pollutants


Challenging to keep track of failure

longer timeline to approve and implement 

Maintenance may need to be more frequent

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