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What is a Biofilter and Why should you use?

While biofilters are increasingly popular for their multifaceted approach to urban stormwater management, their most common application is as the initial stage in a treatment system. In this role, they excel at improving water quality and promoting groundwater recharge, particularly for small streams located at the headwaters. This is because biofilters can tackle a variety of stormwater challenges, including reducing runoff's negative effects, replenishing groundwater supplies, and managing water quality and flow rates for both minor and major storms.


 Low investment and operation costs

Simple construction

Effective removal of biologically degradable components 

Low pressure drop

Little waste water (percolate water)

Little waste material (only replaced filter material)


Large surface area needed 

Periodic maintenance needed 

It is difficult to check the humidity and pH of the filter material

Few configuration parameters to improve efficiency

Risk of blockage due to dust

Fluctuations in concentration have a big influence on efficiency

The bed must be continuously aerated to avoid anaerobic conditions.

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