Stormwater in Watertown, WI

Did you know that the City of Watertown includes 570 stormwater outfalls to the Rock River and other streams, ponds, wetlands, and other storm systems? The city has implemented over 80+ stormwater management practices to help reduce stormwater runoff and pollutants from entering area waterways.

Join residents from across Wisconsin in celebrating Wisconsin Stormwater Week, August 5-13, 2023, as you learn more about stormwater in Watertown and how you can help Protect Wisconsin’s Waterways.

Visit the City of Watertown’s website for more details on stormwater in Watertown.

Watertown’s New Street Sweeper

City of Watertown Street Sweeper

Have you seen this new beauty? The City of Watertown’s new street sweeper helps clean debris from roads before it can make it down storm drains. But our waterways also need your help! The street sweeper can’t clean each street in Watertown every week. That means trash, leaves, grass clippings, and other pollutants can make their way down the storm drains and into the Rock River or other area waterways whenever it rains in between the street sweeping.

Discover how you can keep our storm drains clean and Adopt a Storm Drain today!

Photos of Watertown’s Waterways

Have you ever wondered what the Rock River in Watertown looks like from above?

Check out the drone photos from around the City of Watertown above the Rock River, Tivoli Island Natural Park, Silver Creek Pond, and Lake Victoria and Heiden Pond areas!

Rock River - Watertown WI

Join the Watertown Clean-Up on September 23, 2023

Join the team of Watertown volunteers at Riverside Park on Saturday, September 23, 2023 from 11 AM to 1 PM to help clean up trash from Riverside Park and prevent it from entering the Rock River.

Register by August 13th for a FREE Protect Wisconsin Waterways t-shirt and gardening gloves.

Adopt a Drain – Help Protect Wisconsin’s Waterways!

Do you live next to a storm drain? The City of Watertown needs your help! The Watertown Storm Drain Protector Program is an opportunity for you to help prevent water pollution right from your home. Even if you don’t live near a creek, river, or lake, your actions can have a direct impact on the health of our waterways like the Rock River. Adopt a storm drain near your property by completing the form below.

Protect a storm drain today by preventing pollution (grass clippings, leaves, fertilizer, and other chemicals) from your property from going down the storm drain and #protectwiwaterways!

Adopt a Watertown Storm Drain Today!

Report an Illicit Discharge

See a pollutant going down a storm drain in Watertown? Report an illicit discharge to the City of Watertown.

Learn More About Stormwater Week

Learn more about Wisconsin Stormwater Week and what you can do to Protect Wisconsin’s Waterways.