Bark River

The Bark River, located in Southeastern Wisconsin is a tributary of the Rock River.  The river formerly known as the “Peelbark River” is in total about 67.5 miles long.  Via the Rock River it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.  The Bark River flows through various counties and small lakes, from Bark Lake in Richfield, Wisconsin through Washington, Waukesha, and Jefferson counties.  East of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin the Bark River collects the Scuppernong River.

Much of the area around the Bark River is wetlands.  The greatest threat to these areas is development, especially in Waukesha county.  Agriculture use and rural development degrade local surface water quality.  Polluted water runoff is a high threat to this river.

Bark river Photos:

A snow and ice covered Bark River in wintertime.
Individuals skate and play at the Bark River Nature Park
A pristine view looking over the Bark River.
A snowy pier on the Bark River
Benches offer a nice rest while walking on the edge of the river.
A different view of the fishing pier on the river.
Trees along the riverbank give off nice shadows as the sun sets.
Nature trails accessible via the Bark River Nature Park.
A small section of the river still flows even in winter.
More fresh snow on the Bark River.




Photography by Danny Balister