Become a Storm Drain Protector Today!


The Storm Drain Protector Program is an opportunity for individuals to prevent water pollution right from their homes.  Even if you don’t live near a creek, river, or lake, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a direct impact on the health of those waterways.  Protect a storm drain today to prevent pollution from getting into our waterways and #protectwiwaterways!


What does being a storm drain protector mean? Being a Storm Drain Protector means you agree to prevent pollution from reaching storm drains by keeping the area around the storm drains closest to your house free from debris and by following these tips:

  • Keeping leaves out of the storm drains
  • Proper disposal of household chemicals (not down the storm drain)
  • Compost/leave grass clippings on your lawn and keep them out of the street
  • Picking up pet waste (if you have a pet)
  • Regularly checking vehicles for fluid leaks
  • Washing your car at a car wash or in a lawn
  • Direct downspouts into rain barrels or onto your lawn
  • Minimize use of fertilizers or use natural fertilizers and keep off hard surfaces like sidewalks/driveways
  • Talk to your neighbors about protecting the drain

Make Sure Only Rain Goes Down The Drain By Becoming a Storm Drain Protector

Whether you have a storm drain adjacent to your property or see one on your daily walk, sign up here to protect it!