Scuppernong River

The Scuppernong River is a tributary of the Bark River 18.9 miles long located in Southeastern Wisconsin.  The river got was officially named in 1906 and it has also been known historically as “Schupernong River”, “Scupernong River”, and “Scuppernong Creek.”  Via the Bark and Rock Rivers it is part of the watershed of the Mississippi River.

The river feeds into a variety of bodies of water throughout Southern Wisconsin.  Besides the Bark and Rock Rivers, it also feeds into lakes such as Spring Lake.  Additionally, Ottawa Lake, a popular spot in southern Wisconsin has an unnamed tributary leading into the Scuppernong River.


Scuppernong River Photos:

A nice view of a two lane road that crosses the river.

Snow and barren forest forest surround the river in winter

A partially Frozen Scuppernong River near Whitewater, wi


Popular hiking trails and nature areas near the river attract visitors


SPring Lake Photos:

A cozy cabin nested among the trees of Spring Lake
Different focus


Ottawa Lake Photos:

Foliage surrounding Ottawa Lake
Fishing is a popular activity at the lake during summer months
If you’re lucky you can see a gorgeous sunset over the tree line
Pan fish, bass, pike, and walleye populate the lake




Photography by Danny Balister