Leaves and other yard waste can clog storm drains and cause algal blooms when they reach our waterways. Instead of piling leaves in the street, use them as a great natural mulch or fertilizer in your yard. They also provide an excellent addition to any compost pile.

Tips for Reusing leaves
  • Mulch: Prevent weeds and save money on mulch. Put chopped leaves on vegetable and flower gardens and whole leaves under shrubs or around trees.
  • Mow: Shred smaller amounts of leaves with your lawn mower right onto your lawn. The small pieces quickly break down, releasing nutrients for a green, well-fed lawn.
  • Compost: Compost is a free way to create rich soil! For more advanced gardeners, chopped leaves make a great compost addition. Place composted leaves in your vegetable and flower beds. For more information on composting, visit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Leaves and Yard Trimmings (PDF)

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If the above options for reusing your leaves are not possible, follow your municipality’s guidelines for leaf disposal.