Date: December 7, 2018

Location: Fort Atkinson

School: St. Joseph’s Catholic School

Grade: 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade

Number of Students: 38

Length: 45 minutes – 1 hour per shift

Style: Classroom presentation

Number of Protect Wisconsin Waterways Representatives: 3

On December 7th, three representatives from the Protect Wisconsin Waterways team were able to present in front of 38 students ranging from grades 6th to 8th. To begin the presentation, the team displayed our interactive overview powerpoint about what Protect Wisconsin Waterways is and a basic overview of what stormwater is and the various ways it can be polluted. As we progressed through the powerpoint, students were able to answer questions regarding stormwater and give their perspectives on what can pollute our freshwater resources. After the kids were able to provide their perspective and answer the various questions on the powerpoint, the team was able to inform them about how they can help to prevent these various forms of pollution in their everyday lives. Once the powerpoint concluded, the kids gathered around the enviroscape where we were able to demonstrate the various forms of pollution in a more visual way. The enviroscape gives us the ability to truly bring home the idea that storm drains lead directly to our waterways. After the enviroscape, we had a short question and answer session with the kids to clarify any ideas we presented within the enviroscape or powerpoint. To conclude the school visit, we gave all the kids pens and wristbands and thanked the kids and teachers for the opportunity to present to the kids. Overall, the school visit went really well and allowed the kids to be engaged throughout.