If your property ever floods or you are finding property damage from stormwater runoff, then these tips are worth the read! There are many different things you can do to prevent stormwater damage while protecting our waterways.

Disconnect or Redirect your Downspout:

You can redirect your downspouts to lawn and garden areas to reuse water and prevent flooding. Make sure all downspouts are turned away from the foundation of your home to prevent water damage to your basement.

Rain Barrels:

Rain barrels can be used to catch and store water and release it slowly into your garden or planted areas. It is important to know what you want to use the water collected for or your rain barrel will not be effective.

Plant Some Trees:

Planting trees or bushes is an excellent way to reduce stormwater runoff. Trees not only prevent flooding, but they also prevent erosion helping the land stay intact.


If you cannot plant trees on your property, adding other plants is a great way to keep the land intact in the event of a flood or storm. Areas where lawn can be replaced with grasses, flowers, and bushes will help control stormwater on your property.

Rain Gardens:

A rain garden a designed depression storage or a planted hole that collects stormwater and absorbs it. A rain garden is designed to improve water quality in nearby bodies or water to ensure that rainwater becomes available for plants as groundwater rather than being sent through stormwater drains and then to our waterways.

Adapted from the article “How Can I Control Stormwater on My Property” from PennState Extension.