Buffalo – Trempealeau/Black River Basin

Buffalo-Trempealeau/Black River
The Buffalo-Trempealeau/Black River basin is located in west-central Wisconsin. It includes Buffalo and Trempealeau counties and a small portion of Jackson county. The Buffalo, Black, and Trempealeau basins drain into the Mississippi River and is located in the driftless area. There are over 400 miles of trout streams in the basin. The Buffalo-Trempealeau/ Black River basin also contains a rare waterbody type known as a kettle lake (pothole lakes created by glaciers). This basin is also part of the Great Western Rivers area of Wisconsin. The watersheds included in this basin are the Black River, Popple River, Trempealeau River, and Buffalo River.  

For more information about the Buffalo-Trempealeau/Black River Basin, go to the DNR website at http://dnr.wi.gov/water/basin/bbt/.

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