Bad Axe – La Crosse Basin

Bad Axe-La Crosse

The Bad Axe-La Crosse basin is located in southwest Wisconsin in the drift less region and is part of Great Western Rivers area of Wisconsin.  This basin includes over 400 miles of trout streams.  It has many steep-forested hillsides along with many agricultural activities taking place. Portions of Crawford, La Crosse, Monroe, and Vernon Counties lie within the Bad Axe-La Crosse River Basin. Some of the watersheds this basin includes are the Bad Axe river, Coon Creek, La Crosse River, and Rush Creek. The Bad Axe/La Crosse basin faces water quality threats from urban and rural stormwater runoff, barnyard runoff, and poor sod cover of stream banks.  This basin is drained by a network consisting of cold groundwater fed streams.

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